Nanaimo News Bulletin Article...

In August 2016, Tamara Cunningham from the Nanaimo News Bulletin interviewed both Kate and I (Jen), Co-founders of CRPS Hope and Awareness Foundation, about the establishment of our new foundation called CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation. Tamara spent quite a bit of time with us and really showed an interest in trying to understand the nature of this disease, but we could tell it was difficult for her. As CRPS sufferers, Kate and I realize that it is very difficult to understand how we can say we are in excruciating pain 24/7 but still be present and able to hold a conversation with someone. Not only that, we are out of bed, dressed, drove ourselves to the newspaper office, and still managed

We're on TV!

On August 15, 2016, Kate and Jennifer, Co-founders of CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation, were invited to interview with Paul Winn on Shaw TV's Head On Program. This was an amazing opportunity to inform our community about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and to describe to them what it is like for people who live with the disease day to day. We had just under half an hour with Paul and we were able to promote our Trial by Fire fundraiser while we were there. We left two tickets to the event with the station which they offered to their subscribers in a contest. Shaw Cable aired the program for a week after which time they made it available as a you tube video on their website. You can view our i

Brochure #2

CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation has designed and published the second brochure, in our series of brochures, designed for educating others about the disease Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. This brochure is geared towards someone who has just been diagnosed with CRPS. It is called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-Now What? This brochure gives someone who has just been diagnosed with the disease information on how to manage day to day living with CRPS, ideas for support, tips on advocating for oneself, and information about current treatments. The foundation's goal is to distribute these brochures to medical clinics within our community with the intent that doctors will give them to patients upo

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