Engaging with the Health Community

CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation has been busy pounding the pavement to deliver our Health Care Professional Packages. Included in these packages is a poster meant for the Health Professional, which is intended to have them consider the possibility that unrelenting pain, lasting longer and which is out of portion to what should be expected from the inciting injury, could possibly be CRPS. This poster refers them to the Budapest Criteria to help them consider a diagnosis during a patient exam. Also included in the packages are ten of each of brochure in our series. These brochures are: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-Burning for a Cure; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-You Have Just Been Diagnos

City Proclamation!

The City of Nanaimo has issued a proclamation designating Monday November 6, 2017, CRPS Awareness Day! Nanaimo will be joining many other communities around the world on November 6th. 2017 as we all recognize the agonizing effects that many individuals diagnosed with CRPS face. Lives are altered forever, dreams fade into the distance, and for many all hope of recovery is lost. This is the most painful disease in the world, more painful than natural childbirth, traumatic amputation and all forms of cancer. There is no cure and very limited treatments. These individuals often suffer in silence or are stigmatized by those in our communities who believe than pain is preventable, or worse, made-u

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