Please join the CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation for our monthly support group. There is a great benefit in shared experiences, and meeting others who actually know what you are going through can be life changing. 
Our group is facilitated by Susan Schellinck, Occupational Therapist, who brings to us her many years of experience working with those suffering from CRPS in both a hospital and private clinic setting.
We provide a safe, nurturing space. All participation is confidential and nothing that is said in group will be repeated outside of this safe space.
WHEN: Last Sunday of every month
WHERE: Vancouver Island Regional Library-North Nanaimo Location
6250 Hammond Bay Rd
Nanaimo, B.C. 


On November 4, 2019, CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation will be hosting our Third Annual Lights of Hope event.

Join us at 6:00 pm, at the Bastion Monument in Pioneer Plaza, downtown Nanaimo. The monument will be showcased in orange light in honour of CRPS awareness. After we are assembled as a group, we will walk to Swy-a-Lana Lagoon on Nanaimo's beautiful waterfront, to release floating lanterns into the lagoon as a show of support for those who suffer in the darkness of CRPS. As we release them, we will send thoughts and hope to all those who are living in unbearable pain 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with little to no hope that their pain will ever go away.


We have tied this event into the world wide movement called Colour the World Orange. Every year this movement recognizes the first Monday in the month of November as Colour the World Orange Day with the goal to raise awareness about CRPS. The City of Nanaimo has granted our foundation with a proclamation recognizing Monday November 4, 2019 as Colour the World Orange Day, and the Month of November as CRPS Awareness Month in Nanaimo. We greatly appreciate the City's recognition and support of such an important cause.

Floating Lanterns are available for a donation to those who wish to participate and will be removed from the water at the conclusion of the event to ensure that there is no environmental impact.


Join CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation, and people around the world, on Monday November 4, 2019 by wearing orange to show your support for those who fight CRPS every day of their lives.

There is no cost to participate, but the benefits are great! You will feel wonderful knowing that you are supporting a very important cause, and those that are suffering from CRPS will know that you care about their pain.

Please send us your photos showing us your have your orange on, and let us know if we can share them on our website and Facebook.


Let's show the world that we are listening and we are willing to fight back. CRPS is a horrific, incredibly painful disease, that has the power to destroy the lives of those who suffer from it. We will wear orange in solidarity with all the CRPS warriors out there and let them know that we are fighting for a cure!

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