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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-Burning for a Cure

Designed to increase awareness about CRPS, this brochure is a great way to educate family, friends, employers and co-workers about the disease. Health professionals can provide these to patients upon diagnosis as well.

Topics covered include:

What is CRPS, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Effects, Latest Research, and the first installment of the CRPS Life.


You Have Just Been Diagnosed With CRPS-Now What?

Designed with the CRPS patient in mind, this brochure is a great starting point for the newly diagnosed patient. Doctor's offices and pain clinics would greatly benefit from having this brochure to present to a patient upon diagnosis.

Topics covered include:

Tips for managing CRPS on a day to day basis; ways to seek support; and ideas on how to advocate for self while living with CRPS.


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-When Someone you Love has CRPS

Designed for the loved ones and friends of CRPS patients, this brochure offers tips on how to care for the patient while caring for yourself as well. It is easy to wear oneself thin while caring for someone with such a horrific disease.

Topics covered include:

What is CRPS, what the CRPS patient wants you to know, how to advocate for the patient, self help tips for the caregiver, and the last installment of the CRPS Life.

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