CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation is Born!

In May 2016, Kate P. and Jen M established CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation-Nanaimo in response to our own experiences living with CRPS. The goal of the foundation is to increase awareness through

knowledge and education while providing resources about this devastating disease to the community at large.

The foundation will hold fundraisers, networking events, produce publications and sponsor education seminars all for the purpose of ensuring that Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is recognized as the crippling disease that it is, and to ensure that those who suffer are validated and supported through their CRPS journey.

Funds raised for the organization will be used for the soul purpose of educating our community about CRPS. We will produce resources to make available to medical clinics and health clinics in our community.and also hope to hire pain professionals to educate medical professionals, patients, caregivers, and the community about the various aspects of the disease. Our future goals include looking at offering potential CRPS research grants to groups that successfully complete our thorough application process and show promise for making a difference in the life of those who suffer from CRPS.


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