Our First Publication...

CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation has published our first brochure about CRPS with the goal of having these distributed to medical clinics within our community. These clinics would make them available to patients who are interested in learning more about what Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is.

This first brochure is entitled Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-Burning for a Cure! We designed this brochure with the intent of providing general information about the disease. Both Kate and I live with CRPS, and we don't know if we have ever met someone who knew what Complex Regional Pain Syndrome was when we told them about our disease. These brochures are perfect for the CRPS patient and caregivers to carry so they can pass this on as an educational resource the next time they are trying to describe to someone the disease that has afflicted their body.

CRPS Hope & Awareness plans to publish a series of brochures to inform our community what it is like to live with this disease. This is the first one of the series. We hope that providing others with education about CRPS will make them more inclined to show empathy and provide support to those living the disease.

If you would like to receive copies of this brochure, please contact as at crpshopeandawareness@gmail.com.


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