Trial By Fire Fundraiser!

CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation has successfully completed our first fundraiser!

On August 31, 2016, CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation sold out our first fundraiser for 125 people in Nanaimo, B.C. At this fundraiser we presented the award winning documentary called Trial By Fire that was produced by Charles Mattocks. At this screening we also hosted desserts and refreshments and had a silent auction with 55 different items available. The silent auction was very successful and all items were sold.

Present at this screening were local politicians, health officials, physicians, nurses, therapists, CRPS sufferers, caregivers of CRPS sufferers, and interested community members. 125 people walked away from this evening with a better understanding of what Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is and what those who battle the disease go through.

The foundation raised a profit of $3000 from this event and Kate and Jen were completely overwhelmed with all the support we received for this amazing evening. For all the amazing donations that were provided for our Silent Auction, to the people that made desserts to be consumed, all those who helped set up and take down, and all those who kept telling us we could do it when we just wanted to give up, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We can hardly wait until our next fundraiser so we can continue our goal of raising awareness about CRPS in our community.

As Jen mentioned in her closing speech that night, "If I can walk down the street, tell someone I have CRPS and have them respond that have heard how difficult it is to live with, I will know that I have accomplished my goal with this foundation."


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