Engaging with the Health Community

CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation has been busy pounding the pavement to deliver our Health Care Professional Packages. Included in these packages is a poster meant for the Health Professional, which is intended to have them consider the possibility that unrelenting pain, lasting longer and which is out of portion to what should be expected from the inciting injury, could possibly be CRPS. This poster refers them to the Budapest Criteria to help them consider a diagnosis during a patient exam. Also included in the packages are ten of each of brochure in our series. These brochures are: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-Burning for a Cure; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-You Have Just Been Diagnosed with CRPS, Now What?; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome-When Someone you Love has CRPS. We have also provided a way for the Health Professional to order additional brochures.

These packages are being delivered to doctors offices, physiotherapist offices, occupational therapist offices, registered massage therapists offices, mental health clinician offices, and chiropractors offices in Nanaimo, BC Canada. If you are a Health Professional, or know a Health Professional who can benefit from one of these packages, please email us at crpshopeandawareness@gmail.com with name, address, and quantity of packages that you would like to order.

As with any publications, these packages use a significant amount of our foundation resources to create. If you would like to see us continue this work to educate Health Professionals in communities on Vancouver Island and beyond, please consider donating to our cause. You can donate through the donations link on our website www.crpshopeandawareness.com, or you can email us at crpshopeandawareness@gmail.com. Please consider that CRPS can happen to anyone, even you. The greatest chance of remission happens if CRPS is diagnosed within the first three to six months. After this time, chance of remission decreases rapidly. Currently most individuals with CRPS see 3 or more doctors, and often wait years before they achieve their diagnosis. Educating health care professionals about CRPS is essential so they are confident in diagnosing CRPS quickly. Thank you for considering contributing to our work.


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