Beautiful Watercolor Fundraiser

The talented Kate Palmer has created a beautiful seaside watercolor as a fundraiser for CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation. Kate has donated a limited number of prints to the foundation and we are selling them for $40.00 each. Each of these prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

Kate is a CRPS patient herself and Co-founder of CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation. She turned to art as a way to help her manage her life in spite of the disease, and has created many wonderful paintings. She was inspired by the healing effects of resting at the ocean front and chose rocks as the theme for this painting to represent the beauty hidden amongst the chaos of the sea. The heart rock at the centre is symbolic of the hope that resides in the storm of CPRS.

Purchase your painting now to own a limited edition of this very special piece of art. Email to order your copy today!

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