City Proclamation!

The City of Nanaimo has issued a proclamation designating Monday November 6, 2017, CRPS Awareness Day! Nanaimo will be joining many other communities around the world on November 6th. 2017 as we all recognize the agonizing effects that many individuals diagnosed with CRPS face. Lives are altered forever, dreams fade into the distance, and for many all hope of recovery is lost. This is the most painful disease in the world, more painful than natural childbirth, traumatic amputation and all forms of cancer. There is no cure and very limited treatments. These individuals often suffer in silence or are stigmatized by those in our communities who believe than pain is preventable, or worse, made-up or a cry for help. Let us be sure to inform you that this torture that they suffer every waking moment, of every day, is very real.

Nanaimo City Council has agreed to light the Italian Fountain orange on November 6th. 2017 to visually offer support to all those who suffer with CRPS. Individuals are asked to join in Color the World Orange Day by wearing something orange and telling as many people as you can why you are doing so. Let's help change peoples perception of pain and educate others about Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

CRPS Hope and Awareness Foundation will be dressed in orange, and will meet at the Italian Fountain at dusk to watch the orange lights turn on and to take some photo opportunities that we can share on social media to show our support for CPRS warriors. We are offering an open invitation to all those who wish to join us. We will then walk to Maffeo Sutton Park to light lanterns which will then be sent out to sea. As we light each lantern we will be offering all those who suffer from CRPS hope and encouragement as they journey through a life of pain. Lanterns will be provided for a donation to all those who wish to participate in our Annual Lanterns of Hope ceremony.

Let's show CRPS warriors that it is safe to come out of the shadows.


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