100++ Women Who Care $13,100 Donation!!

Tonight Kate and I had the great honour of meeting with several members of the 100++ Women Who Care-Mid Island Chapter to receive a donation for $13,100!!

100++ Women Who Care Mid-Island is a not-for-profit organization that supports registered charities in School District#68. Members of the 100++Women Who Care Mid-Island group meet four times a year for one hour. During these meetings, group members select a registered charity to receive a $100+ donation from each member of the group. At their meeting

on Wednesday Nov 28, 2018, 100+ Women Who Care Mid-Island selected our registered charity to receive $13,100. For more information about 100++ Women Who Care Mid-Island, go to www.100womenwhocaremidisland.com.

Kate and I are so incredibly grateful for this donation and for each of these special women who make up this organization. Their generous donation will go towards continuing our CRPS educational workshops to health professionals in our community, continuing our monthly support group for CRPS sufferers, and towards providing additional resources for those who suffer from CRPS in our community. We also hope to provide resources to the caregivers of those who suffer from CRPS in the near future.

Donations of this magnitude have a huge impact on a small grass roots organization such as ours. This came about from 131 women in our community coming together and each writing a cheque for $100.00. It takes a village to make a change. Imagine what could happen if we had 10,000 people in North America write a cheque for $100.00 each. Think of what impact $1,000,000 could have on CRPS!! It's a dream that we at the CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation would love to see become a reality!

Thank you so much to the 100++ Women Who Care-Mid Island Chapter for choosing the CRPS Hope & Awareness Foundation to receive this donation.

Kate and I receiving the $13, 100 donation from the 100++ Women Who Care-Mid Island Chapter:


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